Certified Hypnotist / Transformational Coach

Jack Cross

Jack is a world-class transformational coach, international speaker and professional hypnotist. He has an immense passion for helping people overcome their limiting beliefs, self-defeating thoughts and sabotage behavioral patterns so that they can create true fulfilment in their relationships, career and lives. Jack believes everyone has a gift and purpose within them that they are here to discover and share with the world and that with the right motivation, guidance and support, they can overcome their fears and subconscious blocks in order to step into their full potential. He has empowered thousands of individuals around the world through his inspiring keynotes and facilitated countless powerful transformations through his programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching and hypnosis sessions.



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Jack has spent over 15 years creating powerful breakthroughs for countless individuals and transforming lives all around the world.


When Jack first began working with me I was practicing in a typical, traditional manner. Once I started his Entrepreneur Program he completely revolutionised the structure of my business and changed how I practice. Now, I feel my clients get a higher quality of care through my programs and a greater rate of happiness and success with their results Thanks you so much Jack. You’ll always be my Brother.
Sion Williams
If you have been searching for an incredible coach who can lead you towards greatness towards your unique genius, then please do yourself a favour and book in a chat with Jack to see how he can support you on that journey. Investing in coaching with Jack was honestly the best decision that I made personally and professionally. Jack took me from a very fragile state, to a state of extreme joy, something that I had not experienced in over 10 years. Jack’s coaching methods are so incredibly unique that I now have an unshakable mindset that allows me to be in a peak state of performance instead of just running on autopilot. Jack goes all in with his clients to ensure they are well supported, held accountable to their values and goals along with elevating you all the way to the top with the highest knowledge and wisdom to get you there.
Liz Avis
Epigenetic Health Coach
I was thriving at work and having my best career highs this year but ultimately I was missing that spark and joy that I have been known for. I didn’t believe it was possible to be in control of your minds state but I’m telling you if you’re looking for something/ someone to help light that fire and give you tool to be in control – Jack’s your man!  Thank you for everything Jack.  It couldn’t have happened at a better time.
Darcy Lord
Real Estate agent
Wow! I LOVE the work Jack does with unique form of hypnosis… My sessions have literally been LIFE-CHANGING for me as a father, leader, and business owner! I am experiencing such a profound shift in my life, family, and business… it’s like I have a brand new experience of grace, ease, and lightness.
I highly recommend your work with Jack and have your life, family, or business transformed through this powerful body of work
Arttemis Keszainn
Premier Conscious Realtor
Wealth Dynamics Performance Consultant
I have known Jack for over three years and stared follow him because I felt very energetically align with his posts. I have been going through a very difficult divorce dealing with a narcissist and decided to reach out to Jack knowing that with his experience, kindness and compassion he would be able to help me. We work through a lot of blocks and limited beliefs and with every hypnosis session I felt stronger and able to claim more. After 8 sessions that he totally tailored for my needs I was able to claim my power back while Jack held the space for me. If you are looking for a strong, supportive and kind man that will push you to grow and claim your true purpose please contact Jack his guidance will bring you home. 
Ester Cambronero
Reiki Practitioner
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